TSDocs Electronic Media Pool


TSDocs Execs feel proud to announce the launch of TSDocs Electronic Media Data Pool, with an allocated space of 100GB in the shared data servers at KEMCAANA Computer Lab, KEMU...

160 GB Hard Disk for storage of the pool is being donated to the KEMCAANA Labs by the Trend Setter Doctors... All the data is also being offered for free, to use in the lab, by the TSDocs...

The pool shall have all the TSDocs electronic media, including
anatomy spotting videos,
anatomy live dissection videos,
anatomy & radiology interactive data,
histology slides,
forensic medicine museum specimens,
pharmacology specimens,
histopathology slides,
hematology slides,
micro biology slides,
ENT methods videos,
ENT instruments stills and videos,
Eye methods & instruments videos,
Eye instrument stills,
Surgery XRays Videos and stills,
Surgical Procedures,
medicine emergency equipment,
Medicine methods videos,
Medicine lectures by well known physicians of KEMU, Mayo,
Gyne and obst instrument stills,
mechanism of labor video,

and a lot of other data for medical students, post graduates and doctors...

The access to this data will be free for all the users of KEMCAANA Computer Labs... within the lab premises...

Anyone who wishes to get the data for himself/herself in the format of CDs/DVDs shall have to follow the routine procedure of filling the request form, paying the designated charges and getting the material, as already being practiced...

But if you want to see it on the lab PCs, it will be free of cost... Lab timings are 9-5 daily, every working day... so, you can watch it anytime during these timings...

Currently the facility is for the Main KEMCAANA Lab only...

This facility is available fully functional from 16th of August, 2007.

We are working on the networks between the main labs, the hostel labs, and the departmental labs (mayo)... Insha Allah, the material will be accessible in all the labs in some weeks...

Thanks to KEMCAANA & especially Dr. Arif Toor & Mr. Rashid Javaid for all their support...

Project funded by: Naeem Majeed; Salman Kazmi; A few members of faculty; TSDocs Welfare Fund.   

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