Admission process for Govt Med Colleges, Punjab

Naeem Majeed MBBS (KEMU) BSc (PU)

1. Admission policy is announced around august-september each year.

2. Details related to the admission process are available in the prospectus, given at

3. The entrance test is held by UET Lahore, and the ratio of FSc-Entrance Test scores to be used for merit vary each year, and are announced as a part of admission policy.

4. Last year merit was closed somewhere around 79%, and that for KE was above 84.85% (see below)

5. Advice and tips for test prep: concentrate on the text books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Guides like MCAT from Dogarsons etc are fine, but they have many errors. Use them, but with caution. For English, y

You must have a good vocabulary, and should know the grammar & usage. You can study the Barron's SAT 1 (16th Edition) for English. Arco's SAT Verbal Workbok may also prove to be helpful.

6. I donot recommend any academy... Everything lies with you yourself, not the academies.

The Admission Packet
The admission packet consists of:

*Entry test application form
*Admit card for examination hall
*Application form for admission (to be submitted after announcement of test results if you are amongst the top 2000 or so students as announced
*The Prospectus

The packet is usually available at all medical colleges (govt.) of all cities where the colleges exist. Price is Rs. 300. Dates for availability of the packet is announced in the major national papers like the Jang and the Nation, etc.

For The Future Dentists
Admission packet for dentistry is available at De Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore and Nishtar College of Dentistry Multan. The entrance test for MBBS and BDS classes is the SAME and is held simultaneously... means one test will work at both places. But you must get both the admission packets as the application forms (to be submitted after test result declaration) are different in both cases.

You do not need to apply separately for the test... One application will work for both the courses!

The New Sessions
The policy is announced after the Board Results in August-September.

Test is usually held in October (1st-3rd week), unless there are some technical reasons (which happen at times)...

Test result is announced within a week of the test.

Application submission time is 2 weeks period announced in the press each year.

Merit lists are displayed about a month after the result announcement. (this includes the application submission time, as well as the calculation of merits by the authorities).

As soon as the merit lists are displayed, students start receiving acceptance letters from the college they get based on merit.

The letter lets you know of the details regarding your date for medical examination, start of session etc...

Usually, each college has its own dates for start of session, depending upon the local situations.

At KE, the session usually starts in December, if everything occurs within the planned time...

Admission Process for Foreign Students
For all candidates who have not appeared for the FSc/Intermediate exams held by pakistani boards, the following rules exist:

1. You have to get equivalence certificate from inter board committee of chairmen, IBCC, Islamabad. You must have atleast 12 year education to be eligible to apply for MBBS.

2. You should have biology, physics, chemistry, and english as your main subjects, in Intermediate/A-Level/equivalent.

3. You can appear for the entrance test, like the students of Fsc, but its not a compulsion.

4. As an alternative to the entrance, you can appear for the SAT exams. Please read the details at

5. You have to appear in SAT 1 as well as SAT 2.

6. SAT 2 subs must be physics, chemistry, biology, English.

7. Your SAT scores must reach KEMU on or before the dates specified by the authorities.

8. FSc students can also appear for SAT, and get exemption from the entrance test.


For Merit lists, click here.



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